Welcome to Divine Caterers

Divine Caterers provides delicious catering solutions for corporate, private, wedding, party and social events.

We are a team committed to delight diverse tastes towards giving your event that extra 'sweet' experience.

Divine Caterers specializes not only in unique and everyday delicacies, we also theme our presentation with distinctive and stylish elegance.

Our core value is to perfect the art of professional catering so as to help you uniquely express your food entertainment style whatever the event.

Of course we ensure you and your guests are filled not just with food and drink, but with deep satisfaction of a soothed appetite, fulfilled stomach and nutritious health. To us, this is just the basic in the course.

Our commitment is the extra mile to nourish more than your taste buds. When we talk of catering, we mean professional business!

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Our Snacks

  • Samosas


  • Chicken Skewers

    Chicken Skewers

  • Spring Rolls

    Spring Rolls

  • Mini Pizzas

    Mini Pizzas

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Our Services

  • Basic Meals

    • breakfast Breakfast
      Your choice of cereals, snack and pastry

      Your choice of fresh juice, beverage

      Your choice of desert
    • lunch Lunch
      À la carte

      Your choice of buffet

      Your choice of 2, 3 or 4 course meal

      Your choice of accompanying drinks
    • dinner Dinner
      À la carte

      Your choice of buffet

      Your choice of 2, 3 or 4 course meal

      Your choice of drinks
  • Customized Meals

    • customized meals Parties
      (Graduation, Birthday, Homecoming, Social gatherings)

      Your choice of snacks and bites

      Your choice of soft drinks
    • special occassions Special Occasions

      Corporate guest hosting

      Corporate Events
    • traditional foods Traditional Foods
      We prepare selected Kenyan traditional foods
      We have also done:
      Indian Cuisine
      Nigerian Cuisine
      Brazilian Cuisine
      Italian Cuisine

Contact Us

Mboni Road, Pangani
P. O. Box 4110 - 00200 Nairobi Kenya
Tel: 0723 501 214
Email: info@divinecaterers.co.ke

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